Multi-Purpose UAV & PAV

Multi-purpose drone

PABLO AIR Co.,Ltd. Will carry out the entire process of creating a multipurpose drone from Functional Design to Mission Computer Develop .

- Selection of suitable aircraft through dynamic stability analysis (Multi Rotor, Fixed Wing, V-TOL, etc.)
- Idea & Concept Drawing ~ 3D Modeling ~ Manufacturing ~ Flight Test
- PABLO AIR Co.,Ltd.. High Flight stability and Security

Field of application

  • · All areas of civilian, military, and military missions requiring the use of unmanned aerial vehicles

Personal Air Vehicle

Futuristic personal transportation that combines and advances various UAV technologies of PABLO AIR Co.,Ltd.

· Avionics Systems
· Flight Control Computers, Air Data Computers
· Head Up Display, Multi Function Display
· Mission Computers
· Navigation System (GPS / INS, ADS-B)
· Safety Safety Management
· Aerodynamic / Shape Structure