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PABLO AIR Co.,Ltd. Is a group gathered with a big dream of drones

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Innovation is in us

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It's the phrase that best describes PABLO AIR, and it's our pride. As if drawing on a white canvas, our company was named after Pablo Picasso with a vision of leading the global drone industry as we draw it.

PABLO AIR is a domestic drone company established in 2018 to expand drone service's range through swarm flight technology. With the advancement of Ground Control System (GCS), communication multiplexing, and Flight Control System technology, PABLO AIR successfully operated the national first longest maritime flight in 2019 (57km) and 2020 (80km). We proved the system's stability and accelerated the realization of drone delivery through national R&D tasks and demonstration projects.

We aim to innovate unmanned delivery and logistics systems with our self-platform, PAMNet, which integrates unmanned mobility beyond drones, providing unmanned land, sea and, air delivery/logistics services in various operating environments, including smart cities.

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  • 2022
  • 2021
  • 2020
  • 2018~2019
    • 2022.04

      AUVSI XCELLENCE AWARD 2022 2nd place (Enterprise Application category, Integrated UAM Management System with PAMNet)

    • 2022.04

      2022 K-Drone System Demonstration Support Project Selection by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation

    • 2022.03

      2022 Drone Regulatory Sandbox Business Selectee (Delivery Category) by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation

    • 2022.02

      2022 DRONE SHOW KOREA Official Sponsor

    • 2022.01

      Joining NUAIR Alliance (Syracuse, NY)

    • 2021.11

      World`s first ATM and UTM simultaneous control (based on PAMNet) and long-distance sea flight

    • 2021.09

      Attracted investment of B 11 billion KRW Pre Series B (cumulative 14 billion KRW)

    • 2021.08

      2021 Technology Evaluation Certification T-3 (Best)
      AUVSI XCELLENCE AWARD 2021 2nd place (Operations category, PAMNet(Pablo Air Mobility Network))
      Partnership with National Technology and Innovation Sandbox(NTIS) in Malaysia.
      Exclusive participation in New York State drone delivery demonstration project.

    • 2021.06

      PABLO AIR International, Inc. U.S. branch establishment

    • 2020.11

      Renewal of self-record of the longest maritime logistics delivery distance (Incheon New Port → Jawoldo Island, Yeongheungdo Island (two simultaneous flights) / 80.6km)
      Minister of SMEs and Startups(MSS) Award.

    • 2020.10

      Kia Motors ‘Logo Unveiling Event’ → 303 fireworks drone show listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

    • 2020.08

      2020 National Sympathy Management Awards(Innovative Enterprise Division) Minister of SMEs and Startups (MSS) Award

    • 2020.01

      Series A 2 billion KRW investment attraction

    • 2019.12

      Air Force Chief of Staff official commendation

    • 2019.11

      Logistics delivery of drones for the first time in Korea and the longest maritime distance

    • 2019.10

      Official commendation from the MSS Incheon.

    • 2019.08

      ISO 9001 certification

    • 2019.04

      Incheon Promising aviation companies selection

    • 2019.01

      Seed investment attraction (1 billion KRW)

    • 2018.08

      Pablo AIR Corporation established.



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  • NASA
  • NTIS
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Drone Delivery

Drone Delivery

It is a self-developed solution ranging from drone stations to aircraft hardware and software to monitor and control the system.
  • Medical delivery
  • Fresh food
  • E-commerce
  • Medical delivery

    It promotes the fundamental rights of local residents by simultaneously delivering drugs and relief supplies to many islands and remote mountain villages. Long-distance maritime flights can be realized by securing the stability of maritime flights through communication multiplexing. PABLO AIR dreams of a healthy society that everyone can enjoy beyond the limitations of distance and region.

  • Fresh food

    Last mile drone delivery is a solution for connecting producers and consumers directly. We want to deliver the hearts of producers who think of nature to consumers through eco-friendly drone delivery. Benefitting both producers and consumers, that's what PABLO AIR wants to achieve.

  • E-commerce

    We deliver precious items and the heart contained in them by drone. We want to deliver the safest and fastest so that we can deliver the value of our hearts together. The goal is to quickly reach customers without being restricted by the flight environment by utilizing flight control technology and communication multiplexing.


PABLO AIR is commercializing drone logistics solutions and entering various markets by introducing our technology at home and abroad.
  • 물류시연지역 이미지
    Incheon Island Area
  • 물류시연지역 이미지
    Jeju Island
  • 물류시연지역 이미지
    Incheon International Airport
  • 물류시연지역 이미지
    New York : Upcoming
  • Incheon Island Area

    Maritime longest-distance drone logistics and delivery records updated (20.11.21)

    Partner company : Incheon Port Authority, Jeyang Air Shipping

  • Jeju Island

    Successful logistics delivery of drone logistics for the first time in Korea and the longest maritime distance (19.11.02)

    Partner company : Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Jeju International Free City Development Center, MBC, Jeyang Air Shipping, LEEPOLUX, ANADRONE

    Applied PABLO AIR’s own drone logistics solution to hybrid engine aircraft.

  • Incheon International Airport

    Construction of two empirical flight routes in the surrounding airspace under the control right of Incheon International Airport, including the island area

    Partner company : Incheon International Airport Corporation

  • New York (Upcoming)

    ***"뉴욕"은 컨텐츠가 없어서 이벤트발생하지 않음

    뉴욕 컨텐츠 삽입 위치

    Partner company :

  • 인천신항관리부두 → 자월도, 영흥도
    (2대 동시 비행)
  • 비행시간 1시간 20분
  • 거리 : 자월도 80.6km / 영흥도 40km

Art Show,Infrastructure

We propose various applications using swarm flight technology.
  • Drone application range image 1
    Drone show

    The existing drone show met PABLO AIR's first drone LED and flame production solution to become an art. Experience our technology of painting in the sky. Dynamic performances will blow with eight different gunpowder.

  • Drone application range image 2
    Smart city

    PABLO AIR’s Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management (UTM) allows monitor and control of smart city drone logistics delivery in the central control room. Beyond drone delivery, you can monitor the city for environmental monitoring and urban security by collecting relevant information.

  • Drone application range image 3
    Defense and disaster monitoring

    Through PABLO AIR's swarm technology, several drones scout and monitor to perform missions more effectively than existing solutions. In addition, the CS and Web-based Ground Control System (GCS) for swarm drone operation allows many individuals to monitor information collected from multiple locations from various angles and make quick decisions.