Integrated Ground Control Solution

Integrated Ground Control System

iGCS can operate various types of UAV(Multi-Rotor, Fixed Wing, VTOL) at the same time, and it is a high technology that can be used for surveillance, reconnaissance and various fields by using UAV swarm flight technology.

3-channel communication system, real-time mobile positioning location information system (RTK-GPS), 50 UAV control parameter correction

01. Solve unique problems that occur

PABLO AIR Co.,Ltd.'s iGCS platform is designed to work with unmanned aerial vehicles to solve unique problems in many situations.

02. Used in various environments

In conjunction with PABLO AIR Co.,Ltd.'s unmanned aerial vehicle (VTOL, multi-copter) equipped with intelligent modules, it can be used in various environments.

03. Safe UAV Operation

To ensure safe operation of UAVs based on data from UAV safety operations obtained from International Society of Air Safety Investigators(ISASI). The security / encryption module suitable for self-developed unmanned aerial vehicles is applied to operate the unmanned aerial vehicle safely.

04. Cloud servers use

The cloud server allows you to remotely operate your unmanned aerial vehicle and integrate it with a variety of cloud-based business applications.

  • Facility Inspection
    Image Processing

  • AI Data Analysis

    Visualization of Analytical Data

  • Delivery

  • Agriculture
    Fire fighting